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Veteran's Day

This week, in honor of Veteran’s Day, I’ll be posting a daily tribute to a few of my ancestors who served in some of history’s darkest events. Veterans Day is an ideal time to do a personal census of all the veterans in your family tree. Identifying their names, dates, and service locations is a great way to visualize your family throughout centuries of historical events. It’s easy to get lost in the big ideas of these conflicts, but researching your particular ancestor and their personal experience provides us with a very human perspective.


  • Visit for free records or subscribe for access to many more. Many times this site will offer free access around Veteran’s Day, so keep an eye out and take advantage!

  • Pension applications for veterans and their widows generally hold the most significant genealogical information.

  • Fold3 and Ancestry have Revolutionary pension records available under subscription.

  • Civil War files need to be ordered from the National Archives or

As always, I’m very happy to help you collect as much information about your veteran ancestors as we can find, just reach out!


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