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 My name is Julia A. McAleer and genealogy has been my passion for decades. 

I like to call myself a genie, ready and willing to grant you access to your past!

Here is a little more information about how I got here and how I hope I can help you!

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My Story

Once upon a time my grandfather, C. Freeman Reynolds, brought me an old notebook filled with his mother's carefully curated script.  He held that book with such reverence that it felt magical, and I was suddenly introduced to my ancestors who arrived in Plymouth and sailed from Germany and fought in every war in United States history.  I recognized names that had been passed down through generations and felt my grandfather's pride in passing the history on to me.  It made an enormous impression on me and sparked a lifelong interest in history and family trees. Being able to place your own blood into historical events and locations truly changes the way we think about the world and I strive to share that with everyone.

Over the last two decades I have meticulously researched and collected, cited and self-published.  I sought out education from courses and conferences, joined every society I could find, and earned a certificate in genealogical research from Boston University in 2018.  I've worked with people seeking answers to family mysteries and uncovered many unexpected secrets.  I've used DNA to help people find their biological families and have connected with my own distant cousins across the country. 


As a professional genealogist, I strive to pass on the reverence of ancestral history that I first experienced with my grandfather to future generations.  My goal in every project is to solve the puzzle, or at the very least build a collection of well-documented evidence.  I want to build family history trees and narratives that are accurate, organized, and interesting. I also care deeply about keeping genealogical research accessible to all humans, and most often find myself creating results that fit my client's goals while staying within their means. 

I am here to help!


I'm always looking for new and exciting family mysteries to solve, please reach out today!


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