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A Memory

A Memory

by Ella Reynolds Littell

A memory sweet from my long lost youth

Comes back with the roses of June.

Of an old-fashioned garden I loved when a child

When the robin's were singing in tune.

There grew roses and pinks and blue columbines,

Tall lilies - my grandmother's pride -

White and fragrant, bee-haunted - they lifted their heads

The frail nodding bluebells beside.

There were gay flaunting peonies and sweet scented phlox,

And dainty forget-me-nots blue;

Mixed with pink and white poppies and amaranths red

And a bank where pink spirea grew.

The toil-hardened hands have long turned to dust

That tended this garden with care;

And the dreaming child who loved it so well

Is a woman with frost in her hair.

But still when the roses of summer return

In my fancy that garden I see

And the faraway time when life was new

Seems to come back again to me.

This poem was written by Ella Reynolds Littell and the grandmother she refers to is my 4th great grandmother, Cynthia Hale Freeman (1797-1866). Ella was born in Sherman, PA in 1848 and lived there until her death in 1927. Her